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Who can I contact if I have commercial shooting needs?

For any commercial shooting (including aerial shooting), please send your requirements to

Can I take wedding photography?

Wedding photography is open for guests who have reserved wedding banquets. For wedding banquet reservations, please contact 03-272-5032

Are pets allowed in the hotel?

Pets are not allowed in the hotel, only certified guide dogs are allowed inside the hotel.

Are there triple or quad rooms in the hotel?

There are no standard triple rooms in the hotel, it is suggested to select either the “Studio Suite” or “Executive Suite”; additional beds are available at additional prices, and the fees must be calculated separately according to the different package content.

※ Additional bed is not available for “Deluxe Room” and “Premium Room” guest room types; a maximum of two adults and two children under the age of 12, are allowed to check-in.

The hotel provides Family Suite with a limited number of rooms, please make a booking in advance.

Are there connecting rooms?

Due to the special room type of connecting rooms in the hotel with limited quantity, please inform in advance upon booking, and the hotel will make arrangements depending on the booking condition (no guaranteed arrangement).

Are there accessible guest rooms?

There are accessible guest rooms (twin bedroom type) in the hotel, with handrails and emergency button devices in the room.

Can I use a Citizen’s Travel Card?

Citizen’s Travel Card may be used in the hotel for accommodation and dining consumptions.

How do I accumulate Marriott Bonvoy room nights and points? Can all members enjoy the rights such as member late check-out or room type upgrade…etc.?

Points may be accumulated through Marriott Bonvoy official website, Marriott Bonvoy mobile APP or the hotel’s official room booking URL (excluding room bookings via a third party and travel agent, or room booking using accommodation voucher). Members’ rights to delay check-out or upgrade room depends on the accommodation situation on the day.

Can twin beds be put together?

Due to accommodation safety concerns for the guests, the hotel does not provide bed-merging service for twin bed room type.

Is there a dress code for entering the Kids Club?

Both adults and children must take shoes off and wear non-slip socks to enter.

Is a swimming costume or a swimming cap required for the swimming pool?

Swimming costumes are required to use the indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Children under 14Kg must wear a water-proof diaper.

Are buoyancy tools provided at the swimming pool?

The hotel sells swim rings and buoyancy tools, no rental is available. The swimming tool inflation service is provided at the Recreation Department. In order to maintain user safety and rights for the guests, no buoyancy tools with a diameter greater than 80cm will be allowed inside.

Can water guns be brought inside the swimming pool?

In order to maintain user safety and rights for the guests, no water guns are allowed for the indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Is there a parking lot available, and what is the charge fee?

The hotel provides a free outdoor parking lot for room guests, but the hotel is not liable for any safe-keeping and safety maintenance responsibilities.

Is there a nursing room available?

There is a nursing room available on the ground floor of the hotel.

What is the maintenance time for the facilities every day?

The cleaning and maintenance period for the various recreational facilities within the hotel is from 12:00 pm to 13:30 pm every day, which will be temporarily closed during the period.

Are there limousine and business shuttle services available?

If you require limousine or business shuttle services, please book three days in advance. Booking hotline: 032725777 and transfer for 5355/5788.

Is valet parking service available?

The hotel guest-welcoming lobby provides valet parking service.

Is there a dress code?

No. The hotel is an international holiday resort, it is recommended to dress appropriately comfortable clothing.

Is smoking allowed in the hotel?

Smoking is prohibited throughout the hotel, including outdoor, inside the room and on the balcony. Guests may smoke at designated smoking areas in the hotel; the hotel will charge a fine of over NT$2,000 and under NT$10,000 according to the governmental regulations if a violation occurs.