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Free shuttle bus service- The Westin Tashee Resort to and from the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)

The hotel provides free shuttle bus service from THSR<->Hotel. One round a day, reservation in advance is required. (limited seats)

THSR deployment time: 13:00, location: 5th Exit of THSR(platform 9,10,11)

Hotel deployment time: 12:00 noon, location: Front door of the hotel.


  • If guests required shuttle bus service, please notify the hotel while booking or make a call to reserve seats. Please call: 03-2725777 #5355/5788
  • If guests required taxi, please reach our Front office staff. (30 minutes in advance); From hotel to Daxi District, approx. NT$300
  • The THSR free shuttle bus service is limited to guests staying at our hotel only.

The Westin Tashee Resort free shuttle bus service information

The Westin Tashee Resort provides shuttle buses to and from the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR), approx. 45 minutes per trip.
Hotel shuttle bus ride location: Front door of the hotel
Service time: Mondays to Sundays
Bus deployment time:
12:00 depart from hotel → reach the THSR at approx. 12:45
13:00 depart from THSR → reach the hotel at approx. 14:00

1. The THSR free shuttle bus service is limited to guests staying at our hotel only
2. Guests can make a shuttle bus reservation at the hall counter
(reservation is available until the spots are full, and the name of the passenger and the quantity of departing and arriving passengers must be provided)
3. The traffic tended to be more crowded during holidays and may affect the arrival time

The Westin Tashee Resort Maserati limousine services fee

Hotel – Taipei TSA Airport NT$3,000
Hotel – Taipei City Area NT$3,000
Hotel – Taoyuan International Airport NT$2,800
Hotel – Taoyuan High Speed Rail NT$2,800

* The prices above are for one-way
* The vehicle does not provide baby seat
* For reservation, please call: 03-2725777 #5355/5788